The Castle of Itri

Itri Castle is a mediaeval fortress, a typical defensive structure intended for territorial control. It was built on the site of a previous fortification. Its position is strategic and the view sweeps 360 degrees from the Via Appia to the sea, from where attacks could come.

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The Medieval Castle of Itri was built for defensive purposes in several stages, starting in 882 when the pentagonal tower was built – commissioned by Docibile I, Byzantine Hypate of the Duchy of Gaeta – to sight the Saracens and other Arab populations that threatened the coasts at that time. In 950 Marino I, nephew of Docibile, further strengthened the site by having a second, taller, and a more imposing tower erected, the square one called ‘maschio‘.

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A bit of history

Situated 170 m above sea level, Itri today has a population of about 10,000 inhabitants in a territory that slopes down to 101.15 sq km. Itri is located along the route of the Appian Way, between Fondi (with which it borders to the west) and Formia (with which it borders to the east). A strategic position between the mountain ridges sloping towards the Port of Gaeta and Torre Mola, which later became Formia.

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Points of interest


The most evocative route to the Castle starts from Porta Mamurra, the main entrance to the historic centre.

On the jambs of the arch of the Mamurra gate, two figures representing a snake and a dog have been carved in relief. Below these reliefs, on both sides, two large stone blocks with Latin inscriptions can be seen.


CUSTODES SUMUS JTRI NOSTRI SAEVISSIMI VOBIS – We are the guardians of our Itri extremely terrible to you

On the right, you can see:

NUI SEMO BILI. SERPENTES – We are snakes with two tongues

Walking along via San Martino, we border with the Jewish community quarter – Vico Giudea – until we reach the upper part of the town, Sant’Angelo, where the castle stands on the highest rock on the hill.

It is also possible to drive to the car park, which is only a few minutes walk from the castle.

A legend tells of the presence of ghosts that still roam the castle. Troubled souls who make their cries heard on stormy nights.

Discover the Castle’s points of interest

  • 1 – The Medieval Castle of Itri


  • 2 – The structure


  • 3 – Living environments – First floor

  • ambienti-di-servizio

    4 – The Service Environments


  • 5 – Living environments – Second floor

  • tiziano-ippolito-de-medici

    6 – The Assassination of Ippolito de’ Medici

  • 7 – The Circular Tower

  • 8 – The Terrace