The Structure

The structure of the Castle is characterized by:

– an imposing main body, with a 35 meter high facade flanked by two towers;
– on the right the square tower;
– on the left the pentagonal tower;
– a stronghold that almost completely surrounds the base of the pentagonal tower which is made up of four turrets – three round and one semicircular – equipped with jutting dovetail battlements;
– a circular tower joined to the residential part by a wall with a 30 meter long walkway.

The small parade ground (cavea) visible on the left is enclosed by three minor cylindrical towers placed at a lower level. In the past, this area was also used as a resting place for horses, servants and gendarmes.

Behind the auditorium stands the pentagonal tower built in 882, one of the few examples of a polygonal structure prior to the end of the first millennium.

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